spirited work

I’ve been doing onworking design work – posters, brochures, ads, and website for Ruach Ha’Aretz, a Jewish Renewal organization, and now Aleph’s mobile retreat center, which coordinates a week-long retreat that happens every two years somewhere in the western U.S., this year in eagle-crest resort, in Oregon.

We’ve been developing the Ruach Ha’Aretz look over […]

blissa heartspace

For a while now I’ve been planning a Blissa Heartspace line of greeting cards. Animated, printed, computer-generated, hand-drawn, everything. Hokey, hokey, hokey. Love, love, love. Frills and hearts and cutesiness.
So stay tuned for news from Blissaville.

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Abby is a wonderful copywriter and came to me with a desire for a striking and simple website design. She has beautiful material to work with, and it was fun in this collaborative effort to come up with this colorful design for home and drill-down pages.

What a pleasure to work with such beautiful and inspiring […]

graphic artists guild

The San Francisco chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild seems to be on hiatus, but a while back, it was fun to be involved with them, organizing tax-related events for designers, attending their informative networking lunches, etc. Designing this card, with Bill Russell’s illustration was especially fun.

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community program guide

I designed these program guides for Strawberry Rec Center. The work included designing the covers, creating new templates for layout of programs, as well as print production.

That’s me in the front of the canoe – can you tell?

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welcome to my blog

I’m going to use this blog to post recent design work, and to learn how to use a blog.

Such as this email signature:

… created as part of a marketing material package to go with a CD design and brochure for MiriamsCyberWell.com. This has been a fun project graphically speaking, as I’ve been working with a […]

logos and bizcards – location, location, location

I particularly enjoy the design challenge involved with logos and business cards. Representing the essence of a company in a small and eye-catching image is a fun challenge. It’s a wonderful feeling when you know you’ve nailed the perfect graphic, and of course, when when the client agrees! And a business card is like a […]

animated greeting cards, aka fun with flash

I enjoy creating animated greeting cards using Flash, for example,
this Rosh Hashana card.

and this Chanukah card….

and this, an attempt at vehicle beautification, but I couldn’t convince David Donohue, the owner of this bio-diesel-run van to let me paint the bare white walls with these bright flowers.


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accidental patterns

This happened while I was scanning some logo sketches;  somehow the scan got stretched in photoshop. I think I’ll keep it for some future project – a banner background, wrapping paper, tallis textile pattern, ribbon, quien sabe?

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