new site’s up!

This is exciting! I’ve designed, developed and implemented this brand new customized wordpress  site – and we’ve just gone live! woo hoo! It’s a full-on website, plus a blog, plus a micro-blog, plus all kinds of snazzy follow-me-here, follow-me-there, push to twitter widgets, etc, etc, it practically makes espresso too! Check it out!

snippet from kol shofar’s website

A snippet from Kol Shofar’s website last week, as we were winding up the high holiday season with Sukkot and Simchat Torah. With the goal on this home page snippet to convey the joy of the season, showing a sukkah (thanks Schiffs!), band photo for the Red Hot Chachkas – a great local klezmer band […]

CHEP iPhone/iPad app!

New iPhone/iPad app!

I created these graphics and more for this medical app for CHEP – Canadian Hypertension Education Program. These are guidelines to help primary care providers as well as people with hypertension. And of course there’s preventative information as well.

While arguably not the most scintillating app out there, according to at least one doctor […]

email announcement for bhakti nova

Just designed this email newsletter for for some of their upcoming retreats… the Harvest Yoga Festival and Benefit in Point Reyes, and their New Year’s Retreat in Brazil, Bhakti Bliss Advenutures.

I created this template for this and future newsletters –  so many choices with HTML email – but we’re diving in with Vertical Response […]

wordpress for warblerwatch

I’ve been building this website, inspired by the recent WordPress WordCamp, with the goal of providing Warbler Watch with the ability to edit their own content.

Just checked in a few weeks later, and lo and behold, they’ve been making changes to the original design! That’s the idea behind using WordPress as the somewhat-easy-to-use CMS, tho’ […]

naga yoga with tony briggs

This newly-minted package for yoga aficionados comprises a logo, a website, as well as printed marketing material.

The design goals were for an inviting look with a clean and simple layout, starting with this unusual knotted snake graphic.

See to learn more about Naga Yoga, and to check out the schedule. Classes are in Berkeley and […]

new ad & card for the new year

A new ad, postcard, and website for this New Year’s Kirtan and Yoga retreat in Bahia, Brazil. Those palm trees look enticing, and the Hindu gods and goddesses look welcoming. What a wonderful way to celebrate the New Year!

Who knows, maybe I’ll go!

Designing material for this retreat has been fun and fulfilling – I can […]

blissing out in bahia

Brand new and fresh from the bakers’ oven…. inspirational material to work with for this postcard advertising a series of amazing retreats happening this year in Brazil – Bhakti Bliss Adventures.

spiritual embodiment

Wonderful to work on such inspirational material! This looks like a fabulous series!
Another Ruach Ha’Aretz retreat…. this tree of life is full of inspiration!

program guide online!

Just posted Kol Shofar’s Online Program Guide for Winter/Spring. Used bluetoad software – easy to use, reasonable price, good tech support…. all in all lots of happy customers!