virtual desktop branding

Desktop at a Distance, a technology solutions company that deals with virtual desktop computing, had me design their graphics, starting with brand, leading to  logo, business stationery, and various collateral pieces.

I’ve also created a company website, and have adapted their logo and look to work successfully with  a variety of additional media, including […]

secret site

I’ve had the pleasure of creating a new site for a wisdom school retreat, part of the Ruach Ha’Aretz offerings, this program taught by Rabbi Nadya Gross. Looks like a fascinating retreat!

logo on the move

Congregation Kol Shofar is getting ready for a temporary move to a variety of locations while they undergo construction. It was fun “reconstructing” their logo by adding to the original design by Matt Haligman, and creating this graphic mascot to escort all the move-related news updates.

This new logo is used in a new section of […]

kol shofar community website & reblog

I’ve really enjoyed designing and maintaining the kol shofar website. Although this was in my very first blog post, it got a bit lost, amidst some of the other pieces there. It’s been a fantastic site to develop and expand as new material comes in. Alot has been added since it first went online earlier […]

budget challenge, anyone?

The California Budget challenge revision is an involved and interesting project I had the privelege of working on with Red Hill Studios – an update to Next Ten’s prior app. I designed a new look for this Flash interactive quiz, designing the GUI functionality, creating graphics, expanding a very informative (encyclopedic, in fact) help section, […]

doorways – the evolution of a blog banner

new branches for ruach ha’aretz

Ruach Ha’Aretz, which has become ALEPH’s Mobile Retreat Center, has been keeping me busy lately with unique and interesting work. This is an expanding organization, with an expanding website, currently represented by branches on a tree. The newest branch, about to issue forth from this spirited tree is the Graceful Transitions site, a new program […]

spirited work

I’ve been doing onworking design work – posters, brochures, ads, and website for Ruach Ha’Aretz, a Jewish Renewal organization, and now Aleph’s mobile retreat center, which coordinates a week-long retreat that happens every two years somewhere in the western U.S., this year in eagle-crest resort, in Oregon.

We’ve been developing the Ruach Ha’Aretz look over […]


Abby is a wonderful copywriter and came to me with a desire for a striking and simple website design. She has beautiful material to work with, and it was fun in this collaborative effort to come up with this colorful design for home and drill-down pages.

What a pleasure to work with such beautiful and inspiring […]

welcome to my blog

I’m going to use this blog to post recent design work, and to learn how to use a blog.

Such as this email signature:

… created as part of a marketing material package to go with a CD design and brochure for This has been a fun project graphically speaking, as I’ve been working with a […]