logos and bizcards – location, location, location

I particularly enjoy the design challenge involved with logos and business cards. Representing the essence of a company in a small and eye-catching image is a fun challenge. It’s a wonderful feeling when you know you’ve nailed the perfect graphic, and of course, when when the client agrees! And a business card is like a […]

animated greeting cards, aka fun with flash

I enjoy creating animated greeting cards using Flash, for example,
this Rosh Hashana card.

and this Chanukah card….

and this, an attempt at vehicle beautification, but I couldn’t convince David Donohue, the owner of this bio-diesel-run van to let me paint the bare white walls with these bright flowers.


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accidental patterns

This happened while I was scanning some logo sketches;  somehow the scan got stretched in photoshop. I think I’ll keep it for some future project – a banner background, wrapping paper, tallis textile pattern, ribbon, quien sabe?

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more hearts

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it’s hearts month

Decided it’s time to draw some heart-based doodles, and post them in my blog. The softness of pen on paper provides a welcome contrast to the computer work I do all day, and the hearts provide a nice contrast to swimming in html and computer apps.

A heart-doodle a day? We’ll see.

Here are two to start […]

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