new branches for ruach ha’aretz

Ruach Ha’Aretz, which has become ALEPH’s Mobile Retreat Center, has been keeping me busy lately with unique and interesting work. This is an expanding organization, with an expanding website, currently represented by branches on a tree. The newest branch, about to issue forth from this spirited tree is the Graceful Transitions site, a new program […]

graceful transitions

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and on the seventh day…

I was recently asked to design a four-page flyer for the Progressive Jewish Alliance, a social justice organization. It was a project by Erin Tarica, a Jeremiah Fellow at the PJA, about enhancing the meaning of shabbat and social justice work, intended for rabbis and other leaders.

I’m glad I took this project in. It’s […]

latest libeskind & buff bikers

I visited the brand new Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco yesterday. Nicely done. (So much nicer than Libeskind’s Toronto ROM addition…. what a relief!). Great William Steig collection. And a “yod” room – what a delight! …. they’ve started to get some hebrew letter musical presentations together. Interesting concept. It would be fun to […]

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shavuot – a new graphic for this holiday, while I work on some Judaica designs

the successful nature of failure

That’s the surprising title of a new DVD – a film featuring Rabbi Gershon Winkler and Ravi Miriam Maron – whose wrap I had the pleasure of designing very recently. What fun it was to see this for sale at Reb Gershon’s recent teaching at Chochmat Halev, along with his new book, The Judeo-Christian Fiction, […]

spirited work

I’ve been doing onworking design work – posters, brochures, ads, and website for Ruach Ha’Aretz, a Jewish Renewal organization, and now Aleph’s mobile retreat center, which coordinates a week-long retreat that happens every two years somewhere in the western U.S., this year in eagle-crest resort, in Oregon.

We’ve been developing the Ruach Ha’Aretz look over […]

welcome to my blog

I’m going to use this blog to post recent design work, and to learn how to use a blog.

Such as this email signature:

… created as part of a marketing material package to go with a CD design and brochure for This has been a fun project graphically speaking, as I’ve been working with a […]