reblog1idraI’ve really enjoyed designing and maintaining the kol shofar website. Although this was in my very first blog post, it got a bit lost, amidst some of the other pieces there. It’s been a fantastic site to develop and expand as new material comes in. Alot has been added since it first went online earlier this year, and there’s much more coming, for example an indepth Bnai Mitzvah assistance page, and a donations area.

Check out Rabbi Chai Levy’s reblog, shown above: this lists the rabbi’s classes, links to drashot (Torah teachings), events, resources, prayer melodies, and much more.

For this site, as incidental graphics and photos are needed, I enjoy creating these, for example here’s our local Robson-Harrington park on a warm and sunny day, perfect for this special program “Join us in the Idra”… a spiritually-oriented combination of  meditation, prayer, discussions, and teachings led by Rabbi Lavey Derby in a variety of formats. More info available at