I visited the brand new Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco yesterday. Nicely done. (So much nicer than Libeskind’s Toronto ROM addition…. what a relief!). Great William Steig collection. And a “yod” room – what a delight! …. they’ve started to get some hebrew letter musical presentations together. Interesting concept. It would be fun to hold an Otiyot Chayyot class in there sometime! (Hebrew letter body movements, loosely based on Tai Chi). I only wish the museum curators would be more careful with their explanations…. with typos in the hebrew/english translation – can’t they find someone (me!) to proofread this stuff?

I’m including another photo here, you might have to look carefully… there was a mostly-nude biking group heading down mission street and into Yerba Buena Gardens…. a kind of surprising scene – as interesting to watch bystanders’ expressions as the bikers…. not sure what point they were trying to make, but as a performance piece, since for me it was an art outing, it was perfect.